Volunteer Types & Requirements

Learn about the various types of event volunteers and crews you can join. All volunteers must follow a set of requirements including time commitment, training, and policy guidelines in order to receive credentials and other perks.

Volunteer Types & Requirements

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SXSW All Conference Volunteers may participate on up to two crews, which operate during SXSW EDU (March 5-8) and throughout all 10 days of SXSWeek (March 9-18). All-Conference Crews make up the majority of the volunteer crews that operate throughout the event and most require no special experience. Volunteers may be seen registering the next big celebrity, helping provide information to visitors from around the world, or assisting registrants to the sessions with the most buzz! There are a lot of ways to be involved with more than 30 crews to choose from. All-Conference Volunteer Crews are engaged at all hours around the Austin Convention Center and other official SXSW venues.


SXSW Music Venue Volunteers are around every corner of the SXSW Music Festival. Volunteers who choose to be a SXSW Music Venue Volunteer will work on ONE crew. Volunteers will assist in official music venues, with the movement of music gear, or provide relief to SXSW Music Venue Crews in need. We have a variety of crews to choose from, and most of them will place you right in the heart of the music festival. SXSW Music Venue Crews ONLY operate during the days/nights of the SXSW Music Festival, therefore the time requirement needed to earn a perk is less than All Conference Crews.

Volunteer Requirements:

All-Conference Music Venue
Min. Age Most crews are 16+ (under 18 with parent permission). Due to venue restrictions some crews are 21+ 21+ (except Outdoor Stage, 18+)
Time Commitment 24-64+ hours 24-32+ hours
Required Training
  • Video + quiz
  • Group Training Session as needed (see crews)
  • Video + quiz
  • Venue Walk-thru
  • Group Training Session as needed (see crews)
Release & Waiver of Liability Required Required
Policy & Guidelines Required Required
Dates March 5-18 March 12-17
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