Volunteer Types & Badges

SXSW offers two volunteer types to provide the flexibility for building a schedule and a volunteer experience that works for YOU! In exchange for your volunteer commitment, volunteers can earn opportunities to attend SXSW and SXSW EDU. Read below to learn about SXSW Volunteer types and badges.

Volunteer Types & Badges

SXSW Info Desk - Photo by Dylan Johnson


SXSW Volunteer (formerly SXSW Conference Volunteer)

With more than 20 crews to choose from, this volunteer type allows for the most flexible volunteer schedule option. SXSW Volunteers are engaged at all hours around the Austin Convention Center and other official SXSW and SXSW EDU venues throughout downtown Austin.

Volunteers with a SXSW Volunteer schedule are eligible for SXSW Volunteer Platinum, Music, Film, Interactive, and SXSW EDU Badges.

SXSW Music Festival Volunteer (MF)

Music Festival Volunteers only operate during the days and nights of the SXSW Music Festival, therefore the time requirement is less than the SXSW Volunteer type.

Volunteers with a SXSW Music Festival schedule are eligible for SXSW Volunteer Platinum and Music Badges.

Volunteer Requirements

SXSW Volunteer SXSW Music Festival Volunteer
Min. Age
  • Most crews are 16+ (under 18 with legal guardian permission).
  • 18+ (except Stage Crew 21+)
  • Time Commitment
  • 24-64+ hours
  • 24-32+ hours
  • Available Volunteer Badges

  • SXSW EDU Badge (24+ hours)
  • Volunteer Interactive Badge (48+ hours)
  • Volunteer Film Badge (48+ hours)
  • Volunteer Music Badge (48+ hours)
  • Volunteer Platinum Badge (64+ hours)
  • Volunteer Music Badge (24+ hours)
  • Volunteer Platinum Badge (32+ hours)
  • Required Training
    • Online training
    • Venue walkthrough, as needed (see crews)
    • Online training
    • Venue walk-through, as needed (see crews)
  • March 6-20
  • March 14-19
  • Badge Access

    Blue = Primary Access
    Red = Secondary Access
    Interactive Film Music Platinum
    Interactive Tracks, Keynotes & Featured Speakers
    Interactive Festival Opening Party
    Film Tracks, Keynotes & Featured Speakers
    Film Mentor Sessions, Round Tables, Workshops & Parties
    Film Festival Screenings & Events
    Film Festival Exclusive Premieres
    Music Tracks, Keynotes & Featured Speakers
    Music Festival Showcases & Events
    Music Festival Exclusive Showcases
    Convergence Tracks, Keynotes & Featured Speakers
    Comedy Festival Showcases & Events
    Trade Show & Exhibitions
    Closing BBQ & Softball Tournament
    SXSW Festival Shuttles

    Volunteers wishing to earn a SXSW EDU Badge and a SXSW Volunteer Badge must schedule enough hours for both badge requirements.

    Volunteer badges have access to most events and areas that SXSW produces, with a few exceptions. Access to SXSW Online, SXSW EDU Online, SXSW Social, SXXpress, and the Registrant’s Lounge is not permitted. These badge features are reserved for our Registrants and Volunteer Crew Managers and Stage Managers. In addition, some sponsors or clients, at their discretion, may restrict access to their events.

    All Badges Receive Access To:

    SXSW Exhibitions and SXSW Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake concerts, as well as SXSW materials such as the Big Bag and SXSWorld magazine.