SXSWedu Information

SXSWedu has seen significant growth since its inception in 2011. Volunteers are a big part of the success and operations of our event. We’re looking for volunteers who are eager to participate and work alongside some of the top leaders and innovators in education.

SXSWedu Information

Photo by Chris Dewitt

About SXSWedu Volunteering


SXSWedu takes place March 6-9, 2017. SXSWedu and SXSW are two separate events, but follow the same rules and processes to volunteer. It’s easy to earn a SXSWedu Badge! Check out the perks page for more information. Returning volunteers can also work some of their hours towards their SXSWedu on an All Conference Crew during SXSW.

All volunteers, including those who choose to earn a SXSWedu Badge, will participate in All Conference Volunteer training. There is not an additional orientation for SXSWedu.

*Volunteers who choose to earn a SXSWedu Badge MUST work a minimum of half their hours during SXSWedu. All other required hours may be worked during SXSW. Volunteers wishing to earn both a SXSWedu Badge and a SXSW perk, must earn the required hours independently of each other. Contact an Event Staffing & Resources staff member for assistance.