Out of Town Volunteers

SXSW welcomes Out of Town (OOT) Volunteers from around the globe. Although OOT Volunteer receive the same opportunities as local volunteers, there are special considerations when traveling to SXSW to volunteer.

Out of Town Volunteers

Adam Kissick

About SXSW OOT Volunteers


SXSW OOT Volunteers live outside a 70 mile radius of the Greater Austin Area (Killeen to San Antonio).

As an OOT Volunteer, the SXSW Volunteer Fair, in-person training(s), and any venue walk-throughs are optional.

Volunteers who live outside of a 70 mile radius of the Greater Austin Area are asked to consider securing accommodations closer to the Austin area. Your safety is our FIRST priority. Volunteer shifts and SXSW events can run late into the night. Fatigue and other factors can lead to unsafe travel conditions, so we ask that all volunteers take into consideration your travel requirements before choosing to volunteer.