By Steve Brockway



Volunteer Call: Let Us Point You in the Right Direction

Did you miss out on the first Volunteer Call? Or maybe you recently discovered the wonders of volunteering at SXSW? There are about 4 weeks remaining until SXSWedu and SXSW, and if you are a local volunteer without a schedule the next step is… Volunteer Call!

Come to the Austin Convention Center (500 E Cesar Chavez) this Saturday, February 11, to join your desired crews, create a schedule, and begin planning how your SXSWeek will play out. Will you greet registrants as they take their first step into SXSW? Will you learn about the gaming world? Or will you volunteer on one of the official SXSW stages? Your adventure awaits, and you are the one holding the compass.

We will be located in Ballrooms A, B, and C from 3pm to 5pm. Stop on by, watch a short informational video, meet your crew managers, and walk away prepared for the journey ahead. Don’t forget, head in the direction of South by Southwest!