Explore the variety of SXSW Volunteers crews below including Banners, Conference Access, Registration, Stage Crew, and many more.

Information on Volunteer perks can be found here.

All-Conference Crews

Operate March 4 – 17, 2019
Age 16+
Available Perks: T-shirts/SXSW EDU/Interactive/Film/Music/Platinum*

Volunteers will hang and remove SXSW banners in programming rooms, lounges, and official venues throughout the event. Requires stamina, balance, and the ability to carry 30+ lbs. Volunteers must be age 18+.
Volunteers will admit attendees into comedy venues, assist with line management, usher attendees to seats, and help clear the venue after performances during the SXSW Comedy Festival. Volunteers must be age 18+.
Stationed at access points around the ACC, this crew insures registrants and working personnel have the correct credentials for access to event areas. Personable volunteers are a good fit for this crew.
Assist with the technical set up of sessions, including connecting laptops to projectors, setting microphone audio levels, adjusting room lighting, and general troubleshooting. A smile and a polite greeting are big part of this crew. Technical experience is not required. There will be an online training and in-person training that will include a hands on experience. Please mention if you have A/V experience at sign-up, but remember it is not required.
Volunteers assist with the International and Radio Day Stages within the ACC. The crew will help maintain the space and support the set up of the various music programming. Some heavy lifting may be required.
Crew managers are volunteers with a great amount of responsibility. They collaborate with SXSW Staff for several months prior to the event and wrap up shortly after the event concludes. Duties include assisting with recruiting, scheduling, training, and managing a volunteer crew. Crew managers plan closely with SXSW Staff and carry a special level of recognition among the volunteer crews. Local volunteers are preferred in the crew manager role due to pre-event time requirements.
This crew produces event signage around the ACC and official SXSW venues. Volunteers makes signs for both SXSW EDU and SXSW. Members of the crew will laminate, grommet, spray-mount, cut, and fold to make signs.
Volunteers will help direct exhibitors during the load in/out process of the trade show, exhibitions, and VR/AR/MR, check credentials at entrances, assist in timely communication between exhibitors and SXSW Staff, and help with Virtual Cinema sign up.
This crew is responsible for tracking all SXSW films. Volunteers will receive films prior to the festival at the Film Tech Center and transport them to the appropriate venues during the SXSW Film Festival. Must be 21+, have a good driving record with valid auto insurance, and pre-event availability.
Admits attendees into film venues, introduces films and filmmakers if necessary, ensures that films start on time, and clears the theater after screenings. There will be an in- person training for volunteers on this crew.
Volunteers on this crew will support SXSW Gaming. Volunteers will direct exhibitors during load in, assist attendees and exhibitors with questions during the Gaming Expo, monitor programming rooms, and check credentials.
Volunteers will help manage SXSW Staff & Volunteer hospitality areas. Volunteers will interact with vendors and facilitate the use of QR scanners to track meal redemption.
 The crew will help with maintain the cleanliness of the hospitality areas and assist with making food deliveries. Some heavy lifting may be involved. 

Volunteers provide an array of information to SXSW Registrants and attendees. This crew will maintain computer stations where attendees can check email, preview official SXSW Films, listen to showcasing artists, and more. Requires adequate knowledge of Austin geography and SXSW events. There will be an in-person training for volunteers on this crew.
Volunteers will assist with set up, onsite logistics, and breakdown of Interactive Innovation Awards and Finalist Showcase, as well as the Gaming Awards.

This crew supports areas such as lounges, parties, and spaces reserved for official SXSW registrants. Volunteers will also support art, sales, and sponsorship activations. There will be an in-person training for volunteers on this crew.
Volunteers help support operations within the ACC. Tasks include distributing magazines, removing unapproved flyers and publications, wrapping and unwrapping poles and trusses, monitoring crowd activity, and assisting with Big Bag distribution.

Volunteers will provide appropriate credentials to press registrants and assist with the support of Media Village and additional press areas. Client management skills preferred.

Volunteers will confirm and distribute credentials to all SXSW Registrants. Patience, good humor, and enthusiasm is a plus and customer service is a must! There will be an additional in-person training for volunteers on this crew.
Volunteers fill in wherever extra help is needed. Both daytime and nighttime hours are available. Volunteers must be flexible as you never know where this crew will take you.

This crews helps maintain, inventory, and deploy tablet readers used throughout SXSW. Primary crew tasks include configuring tablets, helping other crews to deploy and use the tablets, and checking on their use. While smart-phone familiarity is highly recommended, being a techie is not required.

Volunteers interact with speakers and registrants to insure programming runs smoothly and on schedule. Volunteers will check badges, assist speakers, and provide support for sessions and green rooms. There will be an in-person training and an online training for volunteers on this crew.

This crew supports the set up, player check in and relations, overall operations, and wrap up of the SXSW Softball Tournament at Krieg Fields on Sunday, March 17, 2019.

Roaming volunteer teams that assist with lines at official SXSW Conference and Festival venues. This crew operates both day and night throughout the SXSWeek. Volunteers who want to cover a lot of ground and see a lot of action should join SVC! SVC also boosts a bike team that rides throughout the downtown area assisting with line management. Experienced bicycle enthusiasts are encouraged to join!.

Volunteers will monitor and order supplies for event production staff, crew, and volunteers. The crew will check out equipment and distribute supplies to authorize event personnel as needed.

SXSW PITCH (formerly Accelerator)
This fast-paced crew supports SXSW Pitch with the setup, operations, and breakdown of this event. See the next great idea while being fully immersed in the inner workings of the event. There will be an in-person training for volunteers.
Volunteers assist with the setup and teardown of all technical equipment in the ACC before, during, and after the conference. Being a techie is not required. All training will be provided onsite by the crew managers.

Theater managers act as liaisons between SXSW Staff, production, venues, filmmakers, publicists, alumni, and registrants at SXSW Film Festival venues. Theater managers help insure films are screened as scheduled, while overseeing the Film Venue Staff Crew. This role involves a great deal of pre-event availability for trainings.

Volunteers will pick up and deliver people and things by any means necessary. Most of the time this is done by vans, golf cart, and occasionally on foot. Volunteers must be age 21+ to drive. Some 18+ positions are available. There will be an additional in-person training for volunteers on this crew.

*Platinum Badges are reserved for returning volunteers. A Platinum Nomination must be on file for volunteers earning a Volunteer Platinum Badge for the first time. Email for more information.

**These crews have minimum age requirements or require special skills.

Music Venue Crews

Operate March 11 – 16, 2019
Age 21+ (Outdoor Stage and Artist Parking Ops = 18+)
Available Perks: Music/Platinum*

Volunteers will greet Official SXSW Showcasing Artists and direct them to park their vehicles in designated SXSW Parking Areas around the downtown area. This will include distributing “Artist Packets” with parking maps, parking passes, and general festival information. They will also monitor and ensure that the designated parking areas are not being used by unpermitted, non-SXSW artist vehicles.
Volunteers will assist at the entrances to Vic Mathias Shores (formerly Auditorium Shores) and various areas within the event Outdoor Stage site. Daytime availability is required on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the SXSW Music Festival. This Music Venue Crew accepts volunteers age 18+.
Volunteers will assist with the delivery and pickup of DJ equipment, power transformers, and technical equipment to sound engineers to official music festival venues. Volunteers must be 21+ and have some DJ experience with technical knowledge. This role can be physically demanding.
Volunteers will assist performers with loading equipment into venues and on/off the stage, help support stage managers and staff, as well as survey the venue for potential safety and operational issues. Stage Crew Volunteers are assigned to one of the official SXSW Music Festival venues, and volunteer in the same venue each night. Every effort is made to assign volunteers based on musical preference. Volunteers must be age 21+. Some heavy lifting may be required (up to 50 pounds), and will likely stand for long periods of time.
Volunteers assist at various music venues where additional stage crew is needed between the hours of 6PM and 2AM. Volunteers may be asked to perform any of the tasks that stage crew volunteers perform. Volunteers must be age 21+. Some heavy lifting may be required (up to 50 pounds), and will likely stand for long periods of time.
SXSW Stage Managers are volunteers with a great amount of responsibility. Stage managers volunteer before and throughout the SXSW Music Festival with performing artists to insure they have everything they need for a successful showcase. During the music festival they are responsible for a specific stage and crew, making sure that bands load in, start and stop their sets on time, and manage any issues that may arise. Volunteers must be age 21+, able to lift up to 50lbs, and stand for long periods of time. Please fill out the Stage Manager Interest form if you would like more information about this position.

*Platinum Badges are reserved for returning volunteers. A Platinum Nomination must be on file for returning volunteers earning a Volunteer Platinum Badge for the first time. Email for more information.

**These crews have minimum age requirements or require special skills.