SXSW Music Fest International Artist Home Share Program

The SXSW Music Festival showcases nearly 600 international artists every year. These artists provide diversity to SXSW and, by extension, to the City of Austin. While all artists officially invited to showcase SXSW have access to our hotel rooms with discounted rates, international travel can be extremely expensive. Some SXSW international artists cannot afford traditional hotel accommodations.

To help these artists manage the costs of performing at the festival, SXSW is proud to offer an International Artist Home Share program. This program presents Austin residents who may have extra space in their home the opportunity to host an international band or artist during SXSW.

In exchange, the home share hosts receive SXSW Music Fest Wristbands. This program started in the early ‘90s, and there is a community of people who are involved every year. Past hosts have found this program very rewarding and an excellent opportunity to show off their Austin inspired Texas hospitality to musicians from around the globe.

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Here are some facts and guidelines about the SXSW International Artist Home Share Program that will help you decide if hosting a band or musician will be right for you:


Host homes are more suitable if located close to downtown. Closer is always better. Being near a Cap Metro and/or MetroRail stops is a plus.

Sleeping Accommodations

Artist guests will not be asked to sleep on the floor. We require at least basic beds for the musicians such as:

  • Air mattresses
  • Sleeper couches
  • Futons
  • Other suitable bedding


Home share hosts are not responsible for their artist guest’s transportation. However any help in this area is greatly appreciated, especially airport pickup. Artist guests are encouraged to use rental cars, but that can be expensive. Providing help and guidance with public transportation is very helpful.


Home share hosts are not responsible for feeding their artist guests, but they greatly appreciate any hospitality above and beyond expectations. Many hosts find sharing meals to be one of the most rewarding experiences of this program.

Length of Stay

Some artist guests only stay for one or two days, and some for a whole week. As musicians, they want to absorb as much of SXSW and Austin as they can. Please note in your request if you are not able to accommodate artist guests for the entire festival.


Home share hosts are introduced to their artist guests by email and phone before everything is final. This way all questions or issues can be addressed before arrival.

House Rules

Artist guests must abide by the host’s house rules. SXSW will make this clear to them in advance — nicely, but explicitly.

SXSW Music Fest Wristbands

SXSW Music Festival Wristbands are given in exchange for hosting international artists. Wristband holders have access to SXSW Music Fest official venues without paying a cover charge. Admittance is subject to age requirements and venue capacity. Hosts cannot upgrade their wristband to a full registration (badge). Hosts will be notified when and where to pick-up their wristbands. Each individual must pick-up their own wristband in-person, and present a valid picture ID. No exceptions.

Please do not contact SXSW Housing about being a host as this department deals with hotel accommodations only. There are never enough hosts, so please forward this to any reliable friends or neighbors who may be interested.

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Questions or Issues

Use the “Sign Up to Host” button below to apply to participate in the International Home Share Program. If you have questions, email our International Artist Home Share Coordinator at

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