SXSW Volunteer T-shirt Design Contest

For our 4th year, we'll be looking to our fabulous volunteers to design the official SXSW Volunteer t-shirt. Not only will you be able to brag to your friends that you designed the art that is going to be printed on over 8000 shirts, you can also win great prizes! This year's design will have the theme, "SXSW's Global Army of Volunteers." The design does not have to contain these words, but should incorporate the theme.

The deadline for submissions is January 6, 2014. Here is what you need to know:


  • The design will be printed on a dark green (not quite kelly, not quite hunter), so make sure your color choices will "pop" on the shirt.
  • Be sure to highlight all aspects of SXSW- Film, Music and Interactive.
  • Include the words "SXSW" or "South by Southwest."
  • Your design should not include any use or similar representation of copyrighted logos, brands, characters, phrases or the like.
  • Submit unique, original artwork (not a reinterpretation of SXSW's existing look & feel and do not use the official logo)
  • Keep in mind the screen-printing process used for t-shirts. Use clean lines and no gradients. Steer clear of photographic images or excessive blends.
  • Submit a vector file (.eps) with each layer representing one color. Your design should use no more than 3 colors and should not be wider than 11.5 inches.

Over 100 SXSW Staffers will be polled to determine the top 3 designs to be displayed and voted on at the 2014 SXSW Volunteer Calls. Volunteers will have one vote to cast for their favorite design. The design with the most votes will be used as the 2014 official SXSW Volunteer t-shirt.

The winning design will be printed on over 8000 shirts that volunteers are required to wear during SXSW. You will see your masterpiece everywhere you turn. The winner will also receive in return for licensing your sweet art:

A SXSW Music or Gold Registration to be used by you, or a friend.


50 Conference Volunteer hours toward a Volunteer Platinum Badge to be used by you. That means only 30 hours gets you an awesome perk! (cannot be used for Production Crews)

The 2nd and 3rd place designs will receive:
20 Conference Volunteer hours towards a Volunteer Badge of your choosing. (cannot be used for Production Crews)

Send your entry to and GOOD LUCK!