Sign Up to Volunteer

2019 SXSW Volunteer Registration is now closed.

Registration Process

  1. Review the Volunteer Types and Requirements page, so that you have a better understanding of the different volunteer opportunities offered.
  2. All volunteers, new and returning, must fill out a registration form. The forms will be available here when volunteer sign up is open.
  3. Volunteers need to have their own email address. Please no sharing of email accounts. If you are re-registering and want to use a different email address than you have in the past, you must let the ES&R Department know in advance. A staff member will change your email address for you.
  4. Volunteers under the age of 18 years of age will need a parent or legal guardian’s permission. If applicable, SXSW Volunteer Headquarters will provide the consent form after registration.
  5. Once your registration is processed, you will be sent your Shiftboard login information.

Volunteer Schedule

Local Volunteers can attend the SXSW Volunteer Calls on January 27, February 10, and February 23 to create their schedule. Out of Town Volunteers can sign up for a schedule by emailing available crews. Out of Town Volunteers will receive crew contact information on January 16.

Volunteer schedules are entered into your record by our volunteer crew managers. Please give our crew managers approximately two weeks to enter your schedule online. Your schedule can be viewed by logging into your volunteer record and clicking the “Calendar” tab.

Volunteer Training

Please check out the Volunteer Training page for more information about the different volunteer training requirements.

*Volunteers who live more than 30 miles from the Austin Convention Center may also choose to sign up as an OOT Volunteer. Visit the OOT Volunteer page for more information.