Production Perks

As a Production Volunteer you will be working shifts to earn a perk.

  • Production Volunteers are required to work a minimum of number of shifts, March 9-21.

  • ALL perks are non-transferable and will only be issued to the volunteer working the shifts.

  • Venue age and capacity restrictions apply.

Volunteer Gold Badge (Minimum of 5 shifts): Access into all SXSW Film and Interactive events, including screenings, trade show, panels, mentor sessions and most parties. Holder may also pick up both Film and Interactive Big Bags and Directories. Not eligible for SXXpress Pass, SXsocial and some lounges. At least 3 of the 5 shifts must be worked between March 13-17.

Volunteer Music Badge (Minimum of 3-5 shifts*): Allows the holder into all SXSW Music events, including priority admittance into showcases, trade show, panels, parties and the Sunday BBQ & softball tournament. The holder may also pick up a Music Big Bag and Music Directory. Not eligible for SXXpress Pass, SXsocial and some lounges.

Volunteer Platinum Badge (Minimum of 5-7 shifts*): Allows the holder into all SXSW Film, Interactive and Music events, including screenings, showcases, panels, trade shows, parties and the Sunday BBQ & softball tournament. The holder may also pick up Big Bags and Directories for all 3 conferences and festivals. Not eligible for SXXpress Pass, SXsocial and some lounges.

*With the exception of the Music Stage Crew, Special Venues Crew and Street Team, all production crews are required to work at least 5 shifts. Music Stage Crew, Special Venues Crew and Street Team are only required to work a minimum of 3 shifts for a Volunteer Music Badge due to the limited availability of shifts and flexibility in schedule and are not eligible for Volunteer Gold Badge. Only returning volunteers are eligible to earn a Volunteer Platinum Badge on a Production Crew. Volunteer Platinum Badge requirements vary from crew to crew, so please see the Crew Descriptions Page for each crew's Volunteer Platinum Badge opportunities.

NOTE: Production Volunteers are not eligible to earn SXSW Music Wristbands, Volunteer Interactive or Film Badges.


Conference Crew Hours vs. Production Shifts

Conference Crews work a wide variety of hours and therefore perks are earned depending on the number of hours worked. In contrast, Production Crews are required to work a set schedule without much flexibility, thus they work on a shift basis to earn a perk. Volunteers are unable to combine conference hours and production shifts to earn a perk.

In addition, the different needs of the crews require we keep each type of crew separate. Production Volunteers receive very specific training and must work all of their shifts on the same crew. It is not a good use of a crew manager or the volunteer’s time to be retrained nightly on different crews or venues during the event. Conference Crews operate in a broader capacity and may be cross-trained to work in several different areas.

Upgrading Your Perk During the Event

It is possible to upgrade your perk during the event, however it is not a common practice and not approved unless there is a valid need for additional assistance. Additional hours must be obtained on your existing scheduled crews, not new crews. You must obtain an “Hours/Perk Adjustment” form from Volunteer Central and have it completed by your crew chief and returned to Volunteer Central for approval. Your crew chief is responsible for inputting additional hours into your schedule. Be sure this takes place before returning to Volunteer Central to obtain your upgraded perk.

If a Volunteer Interactive or Film Badge has already been picked up, it can be upgraded to a Volunteer Gold Badge or Platinum Badge*. However, it may NOT be changed to a music wristband, or upgraded to a Volunteer Music Badge.

If you have not picked up a perk, you may change your perk to whatever you would like provided you have the appropriate number of hours.

*New volunteers are not eligible to upgrade to a Volunteer Platinum Badge.

Attending Film Screenings, Music Showcases, Panels

Volunteers receiving a badge or the music wristband are entitled to a Directory for the appropriate conference(s) and festival(s) their perk pertains to. The Directory is a SXSW essential and is filled with information about all of the events taking place during SXSWeek. Pocket Guides are also available for pick-up by all attendees and can be found throughout the ACC. These are smaller, quick reference guides that will give schedules for film screenings, panels, showcases and some of the many parties. There is one for each of the 3 conferences and festivals.

If an event is not found in our Directories or Pocket Guides, then it isn’t ours and we will be unable to help you with information regarding that event. There are hundreds and hundreds of “unofficial” SXSW activities that are mistaken for SXSW organized events.

Access to events is restricted to the appropriate credential. For example, you cannot attend a music panel if you have a Volunteer Film, Interactive or Gold Badge. You must have a Volunteer Music or Platinum Badge. Similarly, most events in the ACC are badge only, which means SXSW Music Wristbands are not permitted to enter. Read over the perks and become familiar with what can and cannot be accessed with your perk. Badges all have the same level of access to their appropriate conferences and festivals. For example, a Volunteer Gold Badge does not have priority over a Volunteer Film or Interactive Badge and a Volunteer Platinum Badge does not have priority over a Volunteer Music Badge. The Volunteer Gold and Platinum Badges mean that you have access to more than one conference and festival.

Your volunteer commitment comes first. Leaving your volunteer shift to catch films, panels, shows, etc. is prohibited and may result in revocation of your perk. Make sure and clear all absences from your crew with your crew chiefs or stage manager in advance if you are scheduled to work and there is something you want to see. Sometimes it will be no problem at all, but during peak busy times they may need you to stay on shift.

Having a Plan and A Back-up Plan

There is so much to see or do at SXSW that you are never missing out on anything!

You didn’t get into that film you wanted to see on opening night. Wait a few days and catch the second screening, or sometimes third screening.

You couldn’t get into the big show at Stubb’s. Walk across the street and check out that unknown band that might just be the next big thing. Every year, we hear stories about the new bands that people just happened upon and they fall in love. Remember, there are over 100 venues to choose from. The same goes if you are under 18 or 21. Check out the many venues that do not have age restrictions.

Did you miss a panel you wanted to see? Check them out on our website during and after the event. If you couldn’t get in because the room was full, check to see if there is a live feed available in another location.

Have a plan of action or just go with the flow. Regardless of your strategy, you will have a great time!

Attending SXSW Official Parties

Parties are a big deal at SXSW and there are A LOT of them. Official parties are listed in the Directories and Pocket Guides. If it isn’t listed, it isn’t an official party and we have no control over it. Official party clients work with SXSW to ensure SXSW policies are being followed, especially in regard to access.

Some parties may be invitation only. This restriction is at the discretion of the hosting client, and not SXSW. If you cannot get into a party for one reason or another, don’t sweat it. Walk another 10 feet and you’ll find yourself in front of another party.

With the large number of parties taking place over the course of SXSWeek, it’s not hard to find a party that you’ll just waltz right into. If there is a particular party you want to attend and there is a line, just give it a few minutes. More often than not, you will get in.

SXsocial Eligibility

SXsocial is reserved for our paid badge holders. It is the official communications hub for SXSW Registrants. Registrants can message other attendees, build a bio, tag their profile with interests, and add links to places where other users can learn more about projects, interests or ways to connect.

Crew managers are exempt from this policy.

SXXpress Eligibility

The SXXpress Pass allows paid badge holders to pick up a daily allotment of reserved seating tickets for films screening during the film festival and a designated number of "jump the line" tickets for specific venues during the nights of the music festival. Unfortunately, at this time volunteers are not eligible to use the SXXpress system as we continue to monitor and evaluate this feature.

Crew managers are exempt from this policy.

Registrant’s Lounge Restriction

The Registrant’s Lounge is a sponsored area. Our sponsors reserve the right to allow certain badge types into their areas. While most of our sponsors do not specify badges, some do. At this time, only paid badge holders may take advantage of the Registrant’s Lounge.

Again, there are so many events, lounges, parties and gatherings going on during SXSWeek that there are plenty of other areas to meet-up and socialize. Take advantage of all that is offered and available to you!

Photo by Debbie Finley