Out of Town News & Information

SXSW welcomes Out-of-Town (OOT) Volunteers from around the globe. Your sign-up process will be different than a local volunteer. If you live outside of the Greater Austin Area (Georgetown to San Marcos/40-mile radius of Austin), you are an OOT Volunteer.

The following is required to be an OOT SXSW Volunteer:

  • Must be at least 16 years of age*
  • Work a minimum of 30 hours on a Conference Crew or minimum number of shifts on a Production Crew
  • Conference and Production Volunteers must arrive in Austin:
    -No later than March 8 if you have shifts scheduled during SXSWedu.
    -No later than March 12 if you're working during Film/IA.
    -No later than March 16 if you're working on a production crew that operates ONLY during SXSW Music.
  • Have a valid email address (no sharing of email addresses, please)
  • Responsible for working with SXSW Crew Managers or Staff to create your own schedule
  • Agree to the Volunteer Release & Waiver of Liability
  • Acknowledge and adhere to the Volunteer Policies and Guidelines
  • Arrange travel and housing accommodations prior to applying as an OOT Volunteer

Not all crews are available to OOT Volunteers, however there are many more options for you in 2015! OOT Volunteers may now work on available Conference Crews, or one of the many Production Crews.

*Applicants under the age of 18 will need consent from a parent or guardian to volunteer. Some crews will require additional age requirements. Check the OOT Crew Descriptions for more detailed information.