Mandatory Meetings

All local SXSW Volunteers are required to attend mandatory meetings that count towards their perks. These meetings are meant to teach you about the work that you will be doing, introduce you to the people and environment you will be working with and what to expect as a SXSW Volunteer.

Conference Volunteers are required to attend one pre-event meeting with your individual crews on Sunday, February 22 and the Conference Crew Walk-Thru on Wednesday, March 11.

Production Volunteers are required to attend one pre-event Production Meeting on Sunday, March 8 and a walk-thru of your assigned venue, or area which will be scheduled by your individual crew chief or stage manager.

Out-of-Town Volunteers are not required to attend pre-event meetings but need to be sure to get all necessary information about their crew from their crew chief or stage manager prior to their arrival in Austin. Please see the Out of Town section for more details about Out of Town Volunteer requirements.

Photo by Debbie Finley