Welcome SXSW 2015 Volunteers!

Thank you SXSW 2015 Volunteers!!! YOU ROCKED IT!

SXSWedu: March 9-12 SXSW Film & Interactive: March 13-17 SXSW Music: March 17-22


The SXSW Volunteer Program mobilizes an army of global volunteers and resources to drive SXSW, its registrants, staff and the Austin community. Our goal is to enhance the volunteer experience from start to finish, so that we continue to offer the best opportunity to contribute to the fun and success of SXSW Conferences + Festivals.

More than 3500 volunteers contribute hours of their time each year to SXSW. Our Volunteers are the faces of SXSW, working in and around the Austin Convention Center or other SXSW official venues; often the first ones to greet our out-of-town registrants.

If you are interested in signing up, be sure to read through the entire website and then head over to the Register page to get all of the details.


There are 2 different types of crews: Conference and Production. The crew types are very different, as well as the perks available for each. Prospective volunteers will need to know which type of crew they would like to work on before beginning their registration.

Conference Volunteers can schedule hours anytime throughout the 10 days of the SXSWeek (March 13-22, 2015) on up to 3 crews. When available, returning Conference Volunteer may work some of their hours during SXSWedu (March 9-12). Conference Volunteers work hours toward a perk of their choice. Click here for more information about working as a Conference Volunteer.

Production Volunteers are restricted to working on only ONE crew throughout SXSWedu and SXSWeek. Production Volunteers earn their perks based on the number of shifts worked. Click here for more information about working as a Production Volunteer.