SXSWedu Crews


Hangs and removes all SXSW banners in panel rooms and official venues throughout the event. Requires stamina, balance and the ability to carry 30+ lbs.


Stationed at access points around the Austin Convention Center to ensure registrants and personnel have correct credentials for access to areas within the ACC housing panels and official events during SXSWedu, SXSW Music, Film, and Interactive. Answer registrants' and attendees' questions when able, or direct people to nearest Information booth. Often the first SXSW representative that attendees will meet after, and sometimes before, getting their badges. Engaged and personable Volunteers are invited to join this dynamic crew situated in the heart of the SXSW experience..


Helps panelists with technical setup: connecting to projectors, microphone audio levels, room lighting and general troubleshooting. For more info or to apply for this crew, visit the Conference Tech Website.


Produces all event signage around the Austin Convention Center and official SXSW venues. Using foamcore, paper, laminators, spray-mount adhesive, x-actos and other sign-making tools, the crew makes signs for SXSWedu and SXSW Music, Film & Interactive. Adobe InDesign skills are a plus, but not a requirement.


Helps direct exhibitors during the loading into and out of the Music Gear Expo and Flatstock Exhibitions; checks credentials at entrances if applicable; ensures timely communication between exhibitors and SXSW staff.


Helps staff official parties and special events during SXSW edu, Film, Interactive, and Music. Must be age 21+.


Manages multiple SXSW Staff & Volunteer hospitality and vendor areas. Volunteers must be keen to working with logistics and have great customer service. Volunteers will interact with vendors and facilitate use of QR scanners to track meals.


Provides all sorts of information to SXSW registrants and attendees; maintains computer stations where attendees can check e-mail, preview official SXSW films, or listen to showcasing artists. Requires adequate knowledge of Austin geography and SXSW events.


Works directly with the panelists, Conference Tech and festival attendees to make sure everything runs smoothly and on schedule. Volunteers must be interesting people who are friendly, proactive and creative. Roles on the crew include one or a combination of the following: Badge Checker, Door Manager, Panelist Runner, Usher, Crowd Manager and Green Room Manager.


Manages areas such as lounges and spaces reserved for official SXSW conference attendees and guests. Will also support additional sales, sponsorship activations and official parties throughout the entire 10 days of the event as needed.


Assigned to photograph all aspects of Interactive, Film and Music: keynote addresses, panel sessions, parties, music venues, showcases and more. Must be age 21+ and have a Digital-SLR camera and portfolio ready to view on the internet. All photography is assignment-based. This crew requires all photographers fill out a crew-specific application. To read more about what is expected of the members of this crew and to apply, go to the Photography Crew Website.

Please read through the site before clicking the application link in the "Joining the Crew" section. All photographers will be selected prior to the January volunteer calls based on the photography application process. Photographers will not be accepted at the volunteer calls.


One of our largest and busiest crews. Confirms and distributes credentials to all SXSWedu and SXSW registrants. Patience and good humor is a plus!


Fills in wherever extra help is needed. Both daytime and nighttime hours are available. Hours on this crew are limited to half of your total hours.


Monitors and orders supplies for the entire event. Responsible for the distribution of equipment and supplies to staff and volunteers.


Responsible for the set-up and teardown of all technical equipment in the ACC before, during and after the conference.


Transportations primary mission is to pick-up and deliver people and things by any means necessary. Most of the time we do this by mini-van, 15-passenger vans, pickup trucks, and occasionally by foot when picking-up or escorting people to nearby locations.

*These crews have minimum age requirements or require special skills.