SXSWedu Volunteer News & Information

Photo by Gene Chavez

SXSWedu has seen significant growth since it's inception in 2011. Volunteers are a big part of the success and operations of our event. We're looking for volunteers who are eager to participate and work alongside some of the industry's top leaders and innovators.

SXSWedu takes place March 9-12, 2015. SXSWedu and SXSW are two separate events. After a few years of trial and error, we have decided to make the move back to wrapping SXSWedu into our current SXSW perk system. The SXSWedu Badge is now listed as a perk on the SXSW perks page. New and returning volunteers are able to work conference or production shifts to earn a SXSWedu Badge.* Returning volunteers can work some of their shifts during SXSWedu when available, and earn a music wristband, or Volunteer IA/Film/Gold/Music/Platinum Badge.

All volunteers, including those who chose to earn a SXSWedu Badge, will attend the conference and production pre-event meetings for the crews they have shifts with. Volunteers working conference shifts must also attend the Conference Crew Walk-thru on March 11, 2015.

All crew sign-ups will be held at the SXSW Volunteer Calls in January. SXSWedu shifts will fill fast, so it is suggested that volunteers attend the first call.

Read over the volunteer site, decide if you would like to be a conference or production volunteer and determine the perk you wish to earn. Then register with the SXSW online volunteer database.

*Volunteers who choose to earn a SXSWedu Badge MUST work a minimum of half their conference hours, or 1 production shift during SXSWedu. All other required hours/shifts may be worked during SXSW.

Photo by Gene Chavez