Badge structure

The SXSW volunteer perk system helps volunteers earn great perks to attend SXSW! Please be sure to look over and understand the badge offerings before signing up.

Badge structure

Badge Comparison

Blue = Primary Access
Green = Secondary Access
Interactive Film Music Platinum
Interactive Tracks, Keynotes & Featured Speakers
Interactive Festival Events
Interactive Festival Opening Party
Film Tracks, Keynotes & Featured Speakers
Film Mentor Sessions, Round Tables, Workshops & Parties
Film Festival Screenings & Events
Film Festival Exclusive Premieres
Music Tracks, Keynotes & Featured Speakers
Music Festival Showcases & Events
Music Festival Exclusive Showcases
Convergence Tracks, Keynotes & Featured Speakers
Comedy Festival Showcases & Events
Trade Shows & Exhibitions
Closing BBQ & Softball Tournament
SXSW Festival Shuttles

SXSW Gaming, Flatstock Poster Show, SXSW Marketplace, Startup Spotlight, SXSW Wellness Expo, SXSW Community Service Awards, and SXSW Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake concerts

SXSW Materials: Big Bag, Pocket Guide, and a subscription to SXSWorld® magazine